BART and the Philadelphia City Council voted Thursday to implement the first phase of a $3.9 billion fare increase.

The first phase will begin in mid-July and will increase the average fare by 6 cents to $1.70 by 2019.

The second phase of the fare increase will start in early 2019 and increase the typical fare by 10 cents to about $2.75.BART spokesman Tom Kline said the increase will bring the average daily rate to $2,700 and allow for a $1 per trip surcharge.

The third phase of fare increases will begin later this year and increase by about 2 cents to around $3,200.

The average daily fare will increase to $3 from $2 by 2019, he said.

The city will also spend about $500,000 to upgrade the transit system by using more bus rapid transit systems.

The new bus schedule will be available online in early 2018.

The transit system will also be upgraded and a new “green” bus will start arriving at the city’s rail yards, Kline added.

Bart has a reputation for its transit systems, but its buses are aging and the average age of its buses is older than other large U.S. cities.

It is also one of the busiest transit systems in the nation, but the average number of people using its transit system each day has been declining for years.