BUS SCHEDULE is on for a new California bus schedule.

The schedule changes for a couple of weeks.

It’s a bus schedule that has been updated from last year.

Here’s the bus schedule:Thursday, October 17: 8:30 am – 10:15 amFriday, October 18: 8 am – 6:15 pmSaturday, October 19: 8 pm – 5:45 amSunday, October 20: 8 – 5 amThe bus schedule change will start with the Blue Line, which is a bus route that goes from San Francisco to the San Gabriel Valley.

The schedule change does not include the Red Line, the Blue or Green lines, or any other route in the region.

The Blue Line is the most popular route, according to the Blue Lines website.

It runs from Union Station in San Francisco, which serves the region, to the downtown area of San Diego.

The Red Line runs from downtown San Diego to downtown Los Angeles.

It starts at the Santa Ana Freeway and ends at the Interstate 5 interchange in downtown San Jose.

The Green Line runs east to the Santa Barbara Freeway in Long Beach and then south to the Long Beach City Center.

It then takes a left turn onto I-5, which connects to the Pacific Coast Highway and the San Fernando Valley Freeway.

It connects to Interstate 895 in downtown Los Santos.

Here’s the entire Blue Line schedule:Wednesday, October 11: 8 a.m.

– 5 p.m., Friday, October 12: 8-5:30 p.d., Saturday, October 13: 8 AM – 5 PMSunday, November 1: 8 PM – 5 AM