Bus schedule update: 9-6-18: First round of flights on 9-5-18 to Atlanta, Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston.

First round is now complete.

First flight will arrive at the airport around 10:30am and the flight will depart around 12:30pm.

First leg will end at the Dallas airport around 1pm.

The trip will take about 40 minutes and cost $60.

First trip will arrive in Atlanta around 5pm and the trip will depart at 8:30 pm.

The flight will take 50 minutes and will cost $30.

First plane will arrive from Dallas around 7pm and will depart about 12:00am.

The round trip will cost about $300 and will take approximately 40 minutes. 

The round trip to Houston will cost approximately $110, take about 45 minutes and take about 25 minutes.

First time going to Houston is expected to be at 10:45am on 9 September.

The cost will be about $140, depending on how many people you want to travel with. 

Next round will be in San Antonio around 10pm and Dallas around 3am. 

Bus schedule update for 10-9-18 The return trip to Atlanta will take roughly 40 minutes to arrive in Dallas and about 45 to return to Houston. 

If you want more detail, I have put a table of bus times into the spreadsheet below. 

To get the exact trip times, you’ll have to click the blue line that says “Calculate trip time”. 

 If your trip time is close to what I wrote, you can use the blue box on the right side of the spreadsheet to see how much time it will take to get from one airport to another. 

Also, the cost will vary depending on which city you’re going to. 

I will update this as more details become available. 

You can find the spreadsheet in the spreadsheet section of the post. 

For those wondering, the cheapest tickets on the route will be $35 each way. 

 Bus schedules are usually updated once a week, but they might not be updated for all flights or even the whole week. 

As I mentioned above, I’ll be keeping an eye on how this goes. 

My advice: get the cheapest flight, but not the cheapest ticket, for as long as you can, because it’s possible that the route changes in the middle of the day. 

That being said, I don’t recommend trying to book a trip to an airport that’s just starting a new round of service. 

Get the cheapest round trip ticket for as much time as you possibly can, and try to do that as soon as you know that the trip is going to take a lot of time. 

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