The struggle bus in Mumbai’s railway station has become the talk of the town for the first time in three years.

The Mumbai-bound bus had been stuck at the station for nearly seven hours when passengers in the middle of the night decided to take it to work.

“The driver took us to a station and we are getting ready to go to work when the bus suddenly comes to a halt at the corner of Laxmi Nagar and Parel Road,” said Ankit Kumar, a bus driver.

As the passengers tried to find a place to sit, the bus stalled and the driver told them to move to another lane.

There was a queue of more than 30 people waiting at the spot, and they were told to wait until the bus finally came to a stop.

The bus had stopped at the junction of L.

Nagar Road and Laxmiyagam Lane, about 300 metres from the station.

A staff member from the Railway Public Relations Department said the bus driver was not in uniform.

He had no idea why the bus was stopping.