The groping of men at airports and supermarkets is becoming increasingly common.

According to a study from the International Association for the Study of Sexual Violence, 1 in 4 men and one in 4 women have been groped while on an airport or in a supermarket.

There are also reports of people being groped by strangers at bars, bars and restaurants.

It’s not just men who are groping women.

The study found that a third of women reported being groping a stranger in a public place and another third of men had been groping strangers in their own home.

In addition to being sexually assaulted by strangers, the study found about half of those surveyed said they had experienced unwanted sexual touching while on a plane or in the supermarket.

“There is a culture of violence and sexual harassment that pervades society and it has to be tackled,” said the study’s lead researcher, Maren Moll.

“We can’t continue to tolerate this.”

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