Transit service at downtown Toronto’s Pearson International Airport will resume Tuesday at 6:30 p.t., as planned, but there will be no scheduled stops.

The last scheduled stop will be Pearson’s Terminal 2, where the airport’s terminal is located, with passengers taking the shuttle to Pearson.

Riders can expect to see the airport service at Pearson on Tuesday, when buses will return to their regular schedule of about five hours a day, including Monday.

Airport officials say the airport has received the final update from the federal government on the closure, and the airport will continue to monitor the situation.

The final closure is expected to be announced by Friday.

Airport spokesperson Scott Batson said the airport was not notified of the closure Tuesday morning, but the last bus to arrive in the terminal at 11 a.m.-noon was not scheduled to depart until at least 5 p.u.m..

Batson would not say when the closure would end.

He said there were no closures to any other stops, but he did say the closure could extend for a few hours.

“We’re just trying to figure out how to keep the buses running, because obviously we can’t wait for them to come back in,” he said.

Transportation officials had planned to resume the buses at Pearson’s terminal by the end of the week.

A bus route connecting Toronto Pearson Airport to Pearson Place has been cancelled, but buses will still be available at Pearson Place.

Airport service is being extended to Pearson’s airport terminal.

Airport spokeswoman Scott Batsford said the last scheduled bus to leave the terminal will depart at 10:30 a.s.m.; the last available bus is expected at 1:30:30.

“Our transit system is now back to normal.

We’re working very hard to ensure our riders get to Pearson, and we will do all we can to accommodate all of our customers,” he wrote in an email.

Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca did not immediately return messages seeking comment Tuesday morning.

Pearson Place is one of the busiest hubs in the airport, with about 2.5 million people per year using the terminal, according to the city.

Batsfords statement about the closures came after a recent news conference by Mayor John Tory.

“Today we are reopening the Pearson Terminal to all our customers and staff, as scheduled,” he told reporters Tuesday.

“I know our staff have been working very, very hard and really looking at this very carefully.”

TTC riders are being asked to make alternate trips on the city’s Yellow, Orange and Green lines to Pearson and to the airport.