Posted September 23, 2018 12:17:49A bus tracker app called Blue Bird Tracker was developed by the Miami-Dade County Department of Transportation and uses data from bus stops and bus routes to provide information about bus trips and schedules.

It is also a free, open-source tool.

Blue Bird Trackers, like other apps, uses GPS and the location of a bus stop to help people make a more informed decision.

The bus tracker application is free to download.

But users need to be aware of the fact that it has a price tag.

It starts at $1.99 for a two-month subscription and goes up to $7.99 a month for unlimited access to the app.

Blue Bird Tracker can be used to track a bus or shuttle in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, the Miami Herald reported.

The app shows the bus route and other information.

Blue Birds bus route map shows bus stops, and the bus tracker will also show when a bus is coming or leaving.

The tracker app shows a list of buses and their routes, which is useful for people who live near bus stops or other important stops, such as hotels, hospitals, schools and offices.

Users can search by bus stop or by route, or they can use a “bus” search feature.

Bluebird Tracker also shows a map of the bus stops around the county.

The apps map shows where the buses stop.

Users search for a bus by using the blue bird logo on the screen.

BlueBird Tracker will provide detailed bus route information.

When the app shows an error, it will display an alert that lists all the bus routes.

It also shows if there are any delays, delays or delays.

Bluebird Tracker does not show any alerts for missing buses or for buses that are late.

If a bus stops in a residential area, the bus can be delayed for hours or even days.

If the bus is late, there will be no alert for missing a bus, which could cause the bus to be late or cause the rider to miss a bus altogether.

BlueBird Tracker also has a “delay” feature that shows the date a bus has stopped.

When the bus has left, the map will show a delay, which can be more than an hour.

If the bus gets stuck, there may be a warning message or a countdown.

BlueBirds app also shows the average daily ridership for the bus stop, which helps users make more informed decisions about whether they should take the bus or not.

Bluebirds bus tracker also shows bus routes by route.

The bus tracker does not track stops by route or stop by stop, but by bus route.

Blue birds route map showing bus stops.

The map shows a line of stops.

Blue bird bus tracker map showing stops by bus type.

The app will also display if a bus belongs to the same company or not, and whether a bus comes from a bus station or a bus route or both.

The apps app does not provide the data to help users choose a bus based on safety, service quality, or other criteria.

The information is only provided by bus stops on the map.

Blue bird Tracker is not intended to be a substitute for reliable bus service.