From the moment you begin playing The Witcher, you’re playing The Game.

There’s a lot of things going on.

There are quests, there’s combat, there are monsters, there is loot, there will be quests.

And as long as you are not getting too involved in combat, you will be doing what you want to do.

So what that means is you will not be in a combat situation with another player.

And if you are in combat you will see an enemy.

That means that when you die, you’ll be dead.

If you die during the battle, you can be revived and you’ll come back to your body.

And you’ll have your skills, you have your inventory, you do not have to fight.

You can explore.

So it’s really simple.

You’re a player and you are a Witcher, and you want your game to feel alive.

But at the same time you also want to have a nice story.

So if you’re really excited about the Witcher 3, the story is going to be there.

It will be a little bit different from the story in the game.

There will be some elements of the game that are going to have an impact on the story.

There might be a couple of plot elements that you can’t get through.

But overall the story will be there, and the way that you play will feel like you’re part of that.

If it feels like you are part of a game, you are.

But if it feels different, you might feel like that’s a limitation that the game designers can’t really solve.

It’s a little too much to ask.

If we’re going to do something like that, the game is going do it.

The Witcher: The Wild Hunt is out on March 22nd.

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