The yellow bus has been a part of British transportation for decades.

It’s been a popular way to get around for decades and, while it’s a convenient mode of transport, it’s also a lot of work.

When the London Underground opened in 1959, it brought buses into the city, and it’s been around ever since.

It used to run from South Kensington to Paddington and then back again in a loop through the boroughs.

For many years, buses ran on the London Tube, too.

The London Bus Company has been running buses on the Jubilee Line since the 1980s, but the service has seen a steady decline in recent years.

London has been working to modernize its buses, but it’s often not easy to do that.

Bus operators have been forced to find alternative ways to service the crowds of people on the city’s roads.

They’ve been forced, for instance, to add new buses to the route, but they’ve been struggling to do it safely.

Last year, London’s Transport for London, the government agency responsible for overseeing the citys bus fleet, announced that it would start a pilot program to see if a bus service would be better for everyone.

That program is now in its second year, and its results have been disappointing.

Since the pilot program started, the number of buses on London’s buses has declined by 30%.

The number of journeys on the bus has also decreased by a third since the pilot was launched.

What’s more, there have been reports that the buses have been operating more slowly, and they have been slower to arrive at stations.

A new pilot scheme was launched last week and it aims to provide better service for Londoners by giving people more options.

While this pilot is aimed at improving bus service in London, it has implications for the rest of the country.

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Yellow buses have become popular in recent decades, but as we’re going through a big redesign of London, we need a plan for how to keep the buses in service.

We need a solution to a problem that has been plaguing us for decades, and we need to do something about it.

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