The first electric buses have been rolling out to bus routes around the country.

The buses, called the Waffle Bus, are powered by an electric motor and are operated by drivers who are licensed to drive a bus.

The buses are part of a new partnership between the University of North Carolina and Electric Buses.

North Carolina Department of Transportation Director Bill McAlister said the buses are on the road in North Carolina, Illinois and Indiana, but the first buses are scheduled to begin rolling out on Friday in the United States.

The Waffle bus is a partnership between North Carolina’s University of NC and Electric buses, which are operating on the same route as the Waffles.

Electric buses are allowed to operate on the route without having to pass through the university’s campus, McAlisters said.

McAlister also said that electric buses are the fastest and safest alternative to traditional buses, in the area they are currently operating.

He said that they are also the cheapest way to transport passengers on a city bus route.

“We’re not charging a fee,” McAlians said.

“The driver gets paid at the point of service and that’s the only charge we’re charging.”

Electric buses have a range of up to 15 miles and can go 30 miles on a single charge.

McAlings said the Wailers will also be able to charge at the station and then drop passengers off at their home.

McAllister said electric buses, similar to the electric buses being used in other parts of the country, are also environmentally friendly.

“They’re very efficient,” he said.

The first Waffle buses will be rolling out in North America and the United Kingdom, and McAllister expects to have more electric buses rolling out around the world by the end of the year.

Mcallister said he has not seen any serious safety issues related to the Waukesha bus routes.

“I haven’t seen any issues with the bus at all,” he told WMAQ News 8.