The Miami Bus Company has rolled out some new features to its website and mobile app for the first time since it was founded nearly 30 years ago.

Here’s a look at what you need to know.

Miami Bus Tracker is a free app for iOS and Android that lets you track your bus schedules, including route and time changes.

It was initially launched in late September to mark the start of the bus season, but the new features are a major upgrade over the older system, according to the company.

It also includes live route and route information for your route, route and departure times, and an interactive route map that lets users compare bus routes and time of day.

The new features were first announced by the company in a blog post Monday.

The company’s blog post explained how it’s updating the interface:The app has an updated layout, more detailed route information, and more detailed trip data for the entire month of August.

The new features include:• A “trip view” that shows the bus schedule for the next two hours.• New trip icons to let users customize the trip view to their preferences.• A new “Trip” section that allows users to create their own trip from the available bus schedules.

The app will also include a dedicated map for the upcoming month.

The company says that’s because it’s more than just a “tourist app.”

The company said it has been adding new features for the last year, including a “live bus tracker” feature that lets passengers track their bus schedule through the app.

In August, Miami Bus unveiled a new, free app called “Bus Tracker.”

The new app features more detail about bus schedules than the company’s previous apps, including bus routes, departure times and departure dates.

The Bus Tracker app also has a new “trip” section.

Here, users can create their trip from their bus schedules to show where the next bus will arrive and the time of arrival.