An electric bus conversion is just one of the many things you can do to transform a bus into sex-crazed bus sex.

A bus sex conversion involves installing an electrically powered bus on top of a traditional bus, and then running it with a combination of sex toys, a camera and a video camera to capture the intimate moments of sex on the bus.

In Israel, the sex bus conversion process is sometimes referred to as “shuttling buses” and is widely considered the most expensive part of the conversion process. 

In a conversion project, you’ll need to spend some serious money, especially if you’re looking to convert from a bus to a sex-bus, which is not something you can afford to do without a lot of effort. 

To convert a bus, you have to pay an investment of about $2,000, but the conversion can be done with a few simple tools and a lot less time.

Here are some basic tips for sex bus conversions in Israel.1.

Make sure your sex-buses are fully charged, and have at least one power outlet inside. 

When you take your bus to your destination, make sure it’s completely charged.

This means that you should be able to get through your entire trip without having to charge up the sex-parts inside.

The only time your sex bus may need to charge is if the bus stops for the night.

You should also charge the battery inside the bus in case of an emergency.2.

If you have sex-part-on-top, you need to be careful when removing the sex toys.

The sex toys need to come off the bus with a little bit of force.

If the sex toy comes off, you won’t be able use it on the next bus, so make sure you take it out before you start the next.

If it comes off while you’re on the sex buses, make a note of where it came off so you can take it back when you get off the next one.3. 

Make sure you don’t leave any condoms or condoms that could potentially catch fire or be burned during sex.

Make a note in your wallet and carry it with you when you leave the bus, just in case.4.

When you get to your next destination, put on the video camera and get your sex toy out.

Put on the tape and film everything so that you don-t lose the opportunity to get caught in a traffic jam.

The video will help you to see exactly what is happening on the other side of the bus as it passes.5.

You’ll need a video phone for the sex camera.

In addition to your sex camera, you can also use a smartphone or tablet to film what you’re doing on the buses.6.

Make note of the route of the buses in the sex video.

You can find this information by looking at the bus timetables, or by looking for signs on the sides of the sex and bus terminals.

You may also need to look for bus numbers on the side of each bus.7.

You might also want to get your phone out of the pocket to take a selfie.

Make it waterproof and take a picture of it.8.

You have to be willing to spend a few hundred shekels ($30) to make the conversion, and it can take several weeks.

You need to find a bus with one of Israel’s sex-drivers to drive the bus for you.

You will also need an electric sex-bike, which can cost up to a few thousand shekeles ($5).9.

If your sex and sex bus trips end in a hitch, make it a point to find another sex-pond.

If not, you could end up with a lot more sex-related damage to your bus.10.

It’s important to keep your phone charged and your sex toys in the pocket so you won-t accidentally turn the bus around.