A driver has told how to avoid getting hit in traffic and road-rage incidents by slowing down to a crawl.

Drivers in Korea say slowing down is one of the most effective ways to keep the flow of traffic flowing smoothly.

Driving a car requires a lot of energy and energy expenditure, especially for passengers and drivers.

Drivers in Korea are often seen driving recklessly and recklessly driving with excessive speed.

Driven by fear and anxiety, many drivers feel trapped when it comes to slowing down.

According to a report by Korea Travel Marketing Association, more than half of drivers in Korea, including all bus and commuter vehicles, drive with excessive speeding.

Drives are dangerous in Korea.

Drivers have been reported to drive in traffic jams or rush hour, and hit pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers.

Drizzler and bus driver in Korea said they have experienced some of the worst road rage in the world, including when they were the ones who caused traffic jams.

They also said they feel threatened by other drivers who can use road rage to retaliate.

Drizzy and Bus driver in Seoul, Lee Kyung-hoon, said the worst traffic rage they experienced was when they pulled up next to the bus driver while he was travelling at a high speed.

Lee said the driver pulled up to them and started honking and screaming at them, calling them names and threatening them.

Lee also said he got hit by a bus driver’s car when the bus stopped and the bus came to a stop in front of them.

“When the bus was coming up, I got hit in the back of the head by a car’s window,” Lee said.

“It was an accident, and I was fine for a few minutes.”

Lee said that when they got home, the bus drivers told them to get out of the country.

“They said we have to keep driving and not to worry,” Lee told The Korea Times.

Bus drivers in Seoul said that drivers often use aggressive behavior when driving to avoid paying attention to traffic.

Lee’s brother-in-law, Lee Seong-hyun, said that the driver who hit him in the head hit a red light in front the bus stop and drove away.

Lee, who is studying at the Korea University of Science and Technology, said he often sees drivers speeding in front, honking in front and screaming in front when they are stopped at a red stop light.

Bus driver in Park-dong, Lee Jung-yong, said a bus was driving in the middle of a lane of traffic and suddenly came to stop.

Bus stop driver Lee Jung said that he tried to stop the bus by going around the bus, but it sped up so quickly that he couldn’t get out.

“I could see the bus and the driver was speeding away, so I stopped,” Lee added.

Bus Driver in Busan, Lee Sang-min, said they were travelling in the wrong lane when the driver’s door opened and started yelling and honking.

Lee Sang-Min said the bus sped up by 50 kilometers per hour, leaving him stuck in traffic for several kilometers.

Lee told The Japan Times that he and his family were scared when they stopped at the bus stand because they did not want to be seen by the driver, so they stopped and took photos.

He said he did not even feel safe, because he was not allowed to wear his seatbelt.

Lee Hyung-ho, who works in a restaurant in Busano, said in the bus station, the driver told him he would take me to the restaurant and get me food.

Lee went to the bar and saw a man who said he was the driver.

Lee got in the bar to order his drink, and a man came in the other direction and started talking to him.

The man asked him what he wanted to drink.

Lee said he asked for water, but the driver said it was only a water bottle.

Lee says the driver yelled at him to pay more attention to the road, and when he asked him why, the man told him that he was too tired to pay attention to it.

The driver then stopped Lee, took his drink and told him to sit down.

Lee did not pay attention and sat in the driver seat.

The driver drove away when he saw the waiter leave the bar.

Lee and his wife were in the restaurant when the incident happened.

Lee is a bus conductor, and he said the manager of the restaurant asked him to make sure the driver didn’t stop the restaurant, so the manager brought Lee to the station.

Bus conductor in Busane, Kim Seung-woo, said when he arrived at the station, he saw a bus stop where a group of people were walking down the street and were walking in the opposite direction.

He heard the driver scream at the people, and as he was walking down that road, he heard the bus stopping.

The bus driver asked for