NEW YORK — A week after a fight broke out at the JTA bus tracker and a dozen other buses around the country, a new system is coming online.

The new system, called JTABus Tracker, will allow riders to easily track buses, as well as drivers and riders, according to a JTA announcement Friday.

JTABusTracker will enable passengers to quickly locate and check bus schedules in real time.

This is a major milestone for JTA, which was one of the first bus companies to integrate this feature into its bus service in late 2016.

The service was launched with a $2 million grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Once JTAbusTracker is fully operational, riders will have access to the new bus tracker as well, as part of a $1 million grant, the JTTA announced Friday.

JTA will pay for the service and the tracking system.JTAbus Tracker will be available at a few JTA locations in the coming months.

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