The next generation of bus routes will be designed to take pedestrians, cyclists and transit riders into the heart of cities, the head of the United States’ transportation planning agency said Wednesday.

In a speech at the Association of American Railroads’ Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, Tom Price, the agency’s undersecretary for transportation, said the agency is considering making pedestrian routes the primary mode of transit in the future. 

But the next generation will also include bike and transit routes, he said, adding that he hoped to begin rolling out the new routes in 2021.

The agency’s board approved a transportation plan earlier this year that included the pedestrian routes, and Price said in a statement that the next round of funding would allow the agency to “make the next wave of transit more inclusive, including more routes that offer all riders the choice to walk or ride, and more routes to encourage more people to walk.”

The agency plans to begin making the pedestrian route the primary way for people to get to work, school, church, shopping and recreation centers, he added.