The new NYC subway system will be scheduled to run daily from June 15, when it opens to the public, through June 20, the city’s transportation commissioner, Anthony Liu, said Wednesday.

The schedule, which will include more than 4,000 weekday trips, will be a direct result of the new contract between the MTA and the MTA’s parent company, T.J. Maxx.

The company is planning to open the subway to riders from the beginning of June, while the MTA will open the system from the end of the year.

New York’s subway system is expected to be the busiest subway system in the country, Liu said.

But he said the schedule would likely include fewer than 3,500 weekday trips per day, as it has done in recent years.

Liu said the MTA would use the extra hours to upgrade the subway network and modernize some of its facilities.

The MTA will also add some new buses, which Liu said will be more reliable than the current fleet of buses.

Liu, who is also a member of the MTA board, said the new schedule would be released later this year.

The New York subway system was built in the 1970s and 80s.

New trains and new routes were added after that.

The new schedule will take effect at midnight on Tuesday, June 15.

New Yorkers have been traveling on the subway for a decade, and the last time the subway was running on an hourly basis was in November 2016.

Liu also said the city is considering opening a bus line connecting the new subway station at 125th Street to Bryant Park.

Liu made the announcement as part of an effort to increase ridership by allowing more people to use public transit, a new program that was announced last week.