By now you probably know how Bus Busses work: you sit on the seat, you turn around and sit down, you get on the bus, you take the bus to the next stop, you walk home, you pick up your phone and head home.

The Bus Bus Company in South Korea has been trying to change that for years, and now a new program is in the works to make the whole process a little more comfortable for passengers.

They’ve put out a video titled, Bus Bus, which you can check out here.

The bus company says they’re also trying to improve the experience by giving passengers more time to check out the bus schedule.

In the video, a man explains how the new Bus Bus schedule is just like any other schedule.

It’s the same as the ones you might find in your neighborhood or a grocery store, except instead of the bus going every 30 minutes, the schedule is a full hour long.

The guy explains that the schedule was created specifically for passengers that don’t like waiting for the bus.

But when the bus arrived, the man said he saw a bus schedule that was not working for him.

He said the schedule that had the schedule of every bus that would go to every stop was a bit confusing.

He didn’t like that the bus didn’t have a stop at the exact moment of the trip and had to stop and wait for the next bus.

So, the bus company made a change to the schedule and made it more convenient.

He also says that the new schedule also makes it easier for passengers to see when the next route is coming up, which is good news because many people have been complaining about delays.

You can check it out in the video below: Now, if you’re like me and are looking for a more pleasant bus ride, you might be tempted to hop on a ride on the Bus Bus Bikes, a brand new type of bus that has been introduced in Korea recently.

The bikes are designed to make it easier to get around Seoul’s dense urban center, and the company has promised that these bikes will make the journey easier for people.

But it’s the new bikes that have been really exciting for the Bus Company.

They’re supposed to be able to make their trip to and from work and the rest of the day much, much smoother.

You might have heard of them, but Bus Buses were originally built in the 1970s for the Korean War and the Bus Bicycles were introduced to South Korea in the 1990s to improve safety for people with disabilities.

Bus Bikers were also used to carry disabled people during the 1980s and 1990s when buses were notoriously late and crowded during the rush hour.

The new Bus Bike bikes, like the ones in the photo above, are also supposed to make bus trips smoother and safer for everyone.

And if you happen to be one of the Bus Driver’s or Bus Busman’s in Seoul, you’ll be able enjoy the convenience and convenience of the new bike while waiting for your bus to arrive.

The video below shows the new bus schedule and what passengers can expect.

Bus Bus has set a goal to make Bus Bus safer for all bus riders by the year 2040.

They say that the next Bus Bus Bus bike will be ready by 2021.

So stay tuned, because this bus schedule might not be the one for you.