With a busy schedule and no time for rest, how can you avoid the dreaded weekend slump?

This article shows you the three ways to make your commute less stressful, and you can take advantage of them all at the same time.

Read more about travel,bus schedules,struggles and commute article Your commute to work can be stressful.

If you’ve been to work before, you know that it can be a roller coaster ride.

You’re at the office for an hour or two and then you have to get home again.

You can’t just go home.

You have to work again, and then the commute can be the worst.

But what if you have an extra half hour to get from your office to work?

Well, what if it’s the perfect time to spend a relaxing, relaxing half-hour at home?

Read More Here are three tips to make a commute more bearable:1.

Make the commute easy.

Make sure that you don’t have to spend your entire day waiting for the bus or waiting in line to get on the bus.

There’s no reason to spend that time waiting in a long line.

It’s an hour and a half to get where you need to go.2.

Make it flexible.

Make a day or two off of your workday and make it a day trip or weekend trip.

For example, let’s say that you need two hours of work for a week.

In the past, you would have to take your usual Friday and Saturday shifts and go to your desk to do the work on Sunday.

But you can do that in two days, and it can also be a day off for one day, and a weekend off for another.3.

Have an excuse.

If it’s a workweek, have a fun excuse to get out and do something fun.

For instance, if you’re doing an internship, let it be a short day at home.

Make fun of yourself and ask your co-workers if they would do the same.

The more excuses you have for working, the more stress you will have in your commute.

This is how to make it easier to get back to work.

Get a map from your employer.

You should be able to find a list of nearby bus stops.

Get one with your destination on it.

This will help you figure out which stops are best to take to get around and which stops will be best for work.

It can also give you an idea of the distance between your home and your workplace.

Find a good place to work with.

For a more relaxed commute, have someone who knows your area work nearby.

This is especially important if you work in an office.

A good way to find someone to work nearby is by looking at their email address.

Set up a time to leave work early.

If your workweek is long and you don