The NFL announced its preseason schedule Thursday, and the league is looking to take some of the worst teams out of the mix.

The schedule includes a slew of teams that haven’t been in the league for a while, but they do have a lot to offer fans this year.

Here’s a look at some of those teams that have been eliminated:*New Orleans Saints: The Saints have been on a roll, with a pair of Super Bowl appearances and an unprecedented home playoff win over the Seattle Seahawks.

That’s not happening.

But they’re still in the playoff picture, and they’re looking to make a statement by hosting the Carolina Panthers in Week 17.

The Panthers will be the team the Saints are most looking forward to playing this season.

The game will be played at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, and will be televised nationally by ESPN.*Tennessee Titans: The Titans are in the NFC playoff picture.

They’re the most-despised team in the NFL, with fans booing the team after their playoff loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

The Titans won’t play this year, but the Titans have a chance to win the AFC South title by beating the Patriots in the divisional round.

They could also beat the Saints in the wild-card round, but this would be a tough road to get over the hump.

Tennessee is in the playoffs again, and if they lose this year it will be hard to get past the Seahawks in the AFC West.

The season opener is set for Sunday, Oct. 13 at New England.

The Bengals will have their first home game since Week 10 against the Ravens.

The Bengals were a wild card team, but after a playoff loss against the Saints last season, they decided to start the season at home.

They’ll have a bye the week after the Ravens game.

They play the Steelers in Week 11, and play the Bills in Week 12.

They also have a Week 13 game at home against the Patriots.

This would be their second straight home game.

The Steelers would play the Colts in Week 15, and then the Steelers will host the Jets in Week 16.

The Bills will play the Jaguars in Week 18.

The Texans will have a tough trip this year to the AFC wild-cards.

The Texans were a team that went undefeated last season and has been one of the most consistent teams in the game this season, winning eight of its last nine.

They have to win out in the conference championship game to qualify for the playoffs, which means it’s going to be a difficult trip.

They face the Colts and Raiders in Week 10, and again the Texans will play at home in Week 13.

The Broncos play the Raiders in the season opener on Oct. 20, and another matchup against the Colts on Oct 21.

The Raiders play the Patriots the following week.

The Colts will face the Jets and the Patriots again in Week 14, and face the Steelers on Oct 22.

The Jets face the Chiefs in Week 23.

The Chiefs play the Bengals in Week 24.

The Dolphins will play against the Browns and the Chargers in Week 25, and their first game is at home on Sept. 25.

They meet the Bills again on Oct 1.

The Steelers will face both the Titans and Ravens in Week 27.

The Dolphins face the Raiders the following weekend, and against the Bengals the following Sunday.

The 49ers will play both the Chargers and Jaguars in the same game, and meet the Chiefs again in a Week 28 matchup.

The Browns face the Browns in Week 29.

The Patriots will play each of the last three games at home, and also play each team in Week 30.

The Rams play the Broncos the following Thursday.

The Panthers will play two teams each in the regular season and the playoffs: the Vikings and Falcons.

The Vikings will face one team each in Week 1, and at home for the season finale.

The Falcons will face three teams each, and in Week 3.

The 49ers and Titans will play in the Super Bowl.

The Browns will play five teams in Week 6: the Packers, Vikings, Vikings again, Cowboys, and Raiders.

The Packers face the Cowboys in Week 7, and Vikings face the Chargers the following Saturday.

The Chargers will play four teams in their final game at the Coliseum.

The Cowboys face the Bengals and Jaguars the following Monday.

The Ravens will play six teams in a row: the Steelers, Lions, Packers, Packers again, Falcons, and Titans.

The Lions play at Green Bay in Week 9, and Packers face a Colts in the week 11 game.

The Chargers will meet the Seahawks and Broncos in Week 19.

The Eagles will play three teams in consecutive weeks, starting with two games against the Giants in Week 8 and then two against the Chiefs and Cowboys in Weeks 9 and 10.

The Giants face the Vikings the following Friday, and Chiefs and Raiders face each other in Week 22.

The Jaguars will play one game each