The driver who hit a bus station in Los Angeles is now facing a DUI charge, and the other passenger in the other car is now being charged with DUI.

A video of the incident was posted online Monday by The Los Angeles Times.

According to the LA Times, police officers responded to the bus station on Sunday after reports of a man in the bus getting into an argument with another driver.

After an officer attempted to arrest the driver, he allegedly pulled out a knife and began hitting another passenger in his vehicle.

The other driver, who was also in the vehicle, managed to drive away.

The officer then chased the driver for several blocks, eventually arresting him.

The officer who shot the video told the LA County District Attorney’s Office that the officer “was trying to get the person who was the aggressor off the bus.”

The other passenger, who is still in the car, has been charged with felony DUI.

He was released on his own recognizance.