Why the waffle bus ticket is more expensive than a regular bus ticket?

Waffle bus tickets are often discounted by the company and can often be cheaper.

In 2018, it cost €1.35 on average for a waffle ticket and €2.30 on average on a regular Greyhound ticket.

The main advantage of a wafer ticket is that it is easier to get to the station, so it is often cheaper than the traditional bus ticket.

The disadvantage of a standard ticket is the time commitment, as the driver must be present to board the wafer bus.

A lot of people have complained about the long wait times for the waffles, but this is not a problem for many.

The waffle buses will often be a bit longer than the regular buses, but it is always worth it as you get to your destination faster.

The Waffle bus service was started in 2016, and is a collaboration between The Waffle Company and Dublin City Council.

It was launched by the then Mayor of Dublin, Leo Varadkar.

The company offers free waffle food to any registered customer in Dublin, but they can also offer waffle breakfast, waffle lunch and waffle dinner.

They can also sell waffle and waffles at their stations.