Students at a private school in Massachusetts are asking questions on the clipart site Tumblr about how they can “make a school bus” from scratch.

The school, Beacon Hill Academy in Somerville, Massachusetts, created the “School Bus” project to highlight how its students are working with technology to get their school bus up and running.

The school is using the hashtag #SchoolBus on Tumblr to show its students how they could build their own school bus and to encourage others to learn about the process.

One student, Emma Niekamp, shared a clip from the video of the school bus being built on her Tumblr blog, The Emma Niedkamp School Bus.

Niekahr shared a similar project in February.

“This was all started with me wanting to make a school bike,” she said.

“I thought it would be a fun project for me to take the time to learn how to build something from scratch.”

She added: “I had a feeling that I would get to make it happen when I saw my first mock-up of the bike.

It just so happened that I was inspired by a video I saw a few weeks ago about a schoolbus being built from scratch using 3D printer.”

Niekamp is an engineering student at Beacon Hill, a public charter school in Somerton, Massachusetts.

The video she posted about the project was titled “How to Build a School Bus from Scratch.”

The school, which is also known as Beacon Hill High School, is working with students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to make their own bus, which they are hoping will make the school safer.

Niekap was inspired to create the schoolbus project after watching a YouTube video about a student using a 3D-printed school bus.

A number of students in her school also shared similar projects.

“I think this is really exciting,” she told ABC News.

“I think that this is something that has been talked about for a while and it’s really starting to happen.

She added that it’s important for students to learn the fundamentals of building a bus and that they need to “just take it as a given that you can make a bus.”

ABC News’ Jennifer Jacobs contributed to this report.”

Hopefully the students that are interested in the project, the students who are interested to make the bus will have something to do with it,” she added.

ABC News’ Jennifer Jacobs contributed to this report.