The world’s top 10 bus routes are listed below, according to the RTS bus schedule database, which was developed by the United Nations World Transit and Bus Union (WTBU) and published by Transport and Information Technology Services.

The database was compiled by experts from countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Finland, India, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, and Vietnam.

The list also includes a total of 11 major transit companies that provide services across various bus lines.

These include ATS, China Southern, China Eastern, China Union, China Metro, China National, Dalian RTS, Beijing Metro, Beijing Transport, Guangzhou Railway, Hong Kong Transport, Japan Railway, Seoul Central, Seoul Railway, Shanghai Southern, Shanghai Metro, Tsinghua Railway, Taiwan Central, and Taiwan Eastern Railway.

The top bus routes in China include: Bus 10 – Beijing Central Bus 10 (中国福山, 彼属华, Bus 10) is a direct link between the Beijing Central and Shenzhen metro lines.

It connects Beijing with Shenzhen, but the bus also goes from Beijing to the airport in Nanjing.

This route serves about 4 million people per day.

There are two direct bus routes from Beijing, one from the city centre to the provincial capital, and the other from the provincial city to the city of Chongqing.

The Bus 10 line also serves Shenzhen and Guangzhou, the two major hubs for the manufacturing sector in the country.

This bus service is available in both modes.

It also runs on two other routes from Shenzhen to the port city of Shanghai, and from the port to the southern port city, Kunming.

Bus 9 – Dongguan Express Bus 9 (大屠楼, 一南路, Dongguans Express) is another direct bus route from Beijing.

The bus is available on both a direct and a semi-direct mode.

The Dongguants express route connects Dongguanzhou, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shanghai International Airport, the Chinese city of Kunming, and Kunming airport.

The train runs from Shanghai International to Dongguang.

Bus 8 – Shenzhen Express Bus 8 (东西南, 九公共, Shenzhen’s Express) connects Shenzhen with Nanjing, Shanghai and Beijing.

This service has the longest journey time from Nanjing to Shenzhen.

It runs on a direct bus from Nanji to Shenyang, and on a semi to Nanning.

The Shenzhen-Xinjiang express route serves Beijing and Yunnan, the capital of the two autonomous regions in China.

The Shanghai-Xunan express route runs from Yunnan to Nanjing and Shenyang.

Bus 7 – Tianjin-Xiangshan Express Line Bus 7 (肖致御, 后表, Tianjin’s Xiangshans Express Line) connects the Tianjin and Guangdong regions.

This train service is also available on a non-direct bus route.

This direct route connects Tianjin to Guangzhou.

Bus 6 – Dalian Express Bus 6 (林洋跨, 亦贊腰, Dali’s Express Line), runs from Dalian to Guangdang.

This line connects Dalian with Guangzhou and Nanjing respectively.

This is also the longest direct bus service from Dali to Guangtang.

The Dalian-Xiaoqi express route links Dalian and Qingdao.

Bus 5 – Guangzhou-Xianjiang Express Bus 5 (个败楿, 南十, Guangdian Express Line).

This bus line connects Guangzhou with Dalian, Tianjing, Qingdong, and Shanghai.

It has the shortest journey time.

It is also one of the few bus lines that also serves Nanjing in a direct route.

The Guangzhou Xianjiang express service connects Nanjing with Guangdao, Nanjing airport, and Nanning airport.

Bus 4 – Guangdeng-Xiong Bus Bus 4 (贵約業, 东通, Guangxi’s Xiong Express Line, Bus 4) is also a direct service connecting Guangzhou to Nanji, Nanning, and Dongguanchang.

It serves Nanji with a bus from Guangzhou Airport to Nanming.

This means that buses run on a bus route that runs through Nanjing (at Dongguichang, Dongchang airport, Dongzhou) and then travels through Nanning (at Nanjing Airport, Dongshan).

Bus 3 – Dali Express Bus 3 (藍通社, 三星陵, Daly