I’ve been riding the magic bus from the airport in Delhi to Pune in Maharashtra for the last two weeks. 

I had a few questions. 

Is it better to buy your bus tickets at the airport, or at a mall? 

Will I need to book my ticket through a portal? 

Where can I get my ticket from? 

And what do I need for the trip? 

 These are the kinds of questions that can make people think twice about booking a bus. 

In India, we have a big selection of bus and train tickets, but there are also many special deals available. 

The magic bus, for instance, will cost you ₹50,000 for the three-hour trip. 

In a few days, the price will drop to ₨10,000. 

And, if you need to pay the price for more than one day, you can pay ₧1,000 per day. 

When the price drops, you may be tempted to book a ticket at the mall. 

However, that is a different story. 

Mall tickets are generally much cheaper than a bus ticket. 

At Mumbai’s Shrink Center, they sell tickets for the day from ₤500 to ℓ,000, depending on the time of day and the distance travelled. 

So if you are travelling to the city to catch the train, you should probably buy your tickets in the mall instead. 

But when it comes to purchasing your bus ticket, you will be more likely to book it at the bus station. 

I will be writing an article on how to buy tickets at a bus station and how to book them through a mall portal in the coming days. 

For now, let’s look at the best way to buy bus tickets. 

There are two ways to buy the bus ticket from the bus stop at the Mall. 

First, you could buy the ticket at an airport, which is cheaper than the mall as it has a better selection of buses and trains. 

Second, you might want to buy it at a metro station.

Both of these options are much cheaper, but they can be a little confusing. 

Here are the best bus ticket prices from Mumbai Metro:  The cheapest bus ticket at metro station is ₣50, for the two-hour journey. 

A one-way ticket for the journey will cost ₩5,000-7,000 (around ₵2,500 to $4,000). 

If you need a bus to catch a train, it will cost around ₦50-100 (around ⅓ to ⅘3,000) per day depending on how far you travel. 

 There is also a daily transfer between metro and bus from Mumbai to Ahmedabad, Delhi, and Pune, and a daily bus transfer between Mumbai and Chennai. 

How much you can buy at a Metro Station for a two-hundred-and-forty-minute journey varies from one metro station to another. 

To find out how much you will need to spend, we asked our team of Mumbai Metro staff for their advice. 

“First, buy the tickets from the Metro station, which will be the closest one to you,” said one Metro staff. 

If, after a day or two, you still cannot find the ticket, then you can purchase it through the portal of the ticketing company. 

Alternatively, if the portal is closed, you need not worry as you can find a cheaper option on the web. 

You can find the best Metro ticket prices on the portal that operates in Mumbai. 

We can also find the cheapest bus tickets in Mumbai through the Metro portal. 

This portal, though, is only available for the bus, not the metro. 

Metro staff said, “The metro portal is open only to the metro trains.

If you buy tickets from Metro, you cannot book tickets for buses or the metro itself.” 

Metro portal is also open only for the buses, not metro.

Metro bus tickets will also cost you more, but that will depend on the number of people travelling with you. 

Depending on the size of the bus or the distance, you would be better off buying a ticket from a mall, where you can get your bus to a destination a lot cheaper than at the metro station or bus station, or from a metro stop, where it will be cheaper to book through a voucher system. 

As a rule of thumb, you’ll pay around ⅛-⅘1,500 (around Rs.3,500-5,500) for a one-hour or two-stop journey from Mumbai, where there are several bus stops and malls, to Chennai, where the metro stops are much closer. 

Even though you will pay more, you don’t need to. 

While you may