The schedule of the new M3 buses has been released.

It will run from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

The schedule will include a special event during which riders can check in, ride the bus or get a meal on board.

The schedule is a departure from the earlier M3 service that started in January.

It is the first major change to the M3 since it opened in 2014.

The service began in 2019, when the province committed $2.6 billion to replace the M4 bus and $1.4 billion to upgrade the M2.

The M3 will be powered by the latest in hybrid technology, including a hybrid-electric system that uses two battery banks.

The M3 has no diesel fuel and is able to operate on both gasoline and electricity.

It also has a new engine that can run on diesel fuel, the new C-Train and a new bus that will be able to run on either diesel or gasoline.

The C-train will run on gasoline and diesel fuel.

The first bus to use the C-Series will be a test run in the Fall.

There will be about three buses in service at any one time.

The C-trains will not operate on the main expressway.

The first bus will go to the downtown core in early January.

The second bus will be to replace one of the existing buses that ran on the expressway and will go from the new downtown core to the new University of Winnipeg campus.

The third bus will run to the University of Manitoba campus.

The new bus service is the third major overhaul of the M1 service, which started in October.

It was introduced to replace a bus service that was shut down in March.

The new service will include new stops, more buses, a new stop for the M6 bus and new stops for the buses to be replaced.