When your friends don’t have seats on a train, you can always walk home by the side of the tracks.

It’s a simple fix for the problem of a crowded train ride, which can feel like a nightmare when it’s packed with people.

But the best solution for crowded train rides is to make sure your friends have a good seat, and when that doesn’t happen, the best thing to do is walk down the aisle to your friend’s side.

It’ll save you a trip to the bathroom, too.

Here are the 10 things to do to make your commute to work easier:1.

Be prepared to walk on a few trains2.

Check out your own commute route3.

Learn the basics of walking to work4.

Plan ahead5.

Take the stairs for easy access6.

Get your hands on some free time7.

Find out if your friends are on the same train schedule as you8.

Get some free parking in the area9.

Buy some free food10.

Know your options11.

Get creative to save money