Posted October 08, 2018 19:29:00 South Australia’s bus network has been rebranded and bus service will be rebranded to help customers avoid overcrowding, after an overhaul.

Key points:Bus operator South Australian Railways said the new name was part of the new operating planThe company said the name change was a result of customer feedback and will be phased in over timeThe company is calling it a “game changer” in its bid to boost demand in the state, which is expected to benefit from a reduction in overcrowdingThe changes will be rolled out over the next two years, starting with the 2020-21 financial year, South Australia Railways chief executive David Williams said.

Mr Williams said the changes would make bus travel faster, more reliable and more convenient.

“We know that South Australians are demanding more and more services and so we are moving to a new business model,” he said.

“The South Australian Bus Company is the fastest growing company in the South Australian rail industry.”

Our customers are not only the fastest-growing in the country but they are also the fastest shifting.

“This is part of a broader strategic plan to bring people, businesses and businesses from the state to the regional and regional areas.”

These changes are about putting South Australians first and we are looking forward to delivering that vision for everyone.

“Mr Williams added that the changes had been implemented as a result to customer feedback.”

I know that our customers are looking for better services,” he told the ABC.”

As we look to get a better service, we want to deliver as many of them as we can.

“Mr Williamson said the change was due to a customer feedback survey.”

When we first started, we had the best customer service in the business and we were really happy with the feedback we received,” he added.”

In the survey, we got feedback on what people wanted and what people were looking for.”‘

No longer the nightmare of buses’Mr Williams, who is also a retired state and territory transport minister, said that customers had asked for bus routes to be expanded, especially on busy routes, and he said the bus service had been improved.”

They are not the nightmare anymore,” he explained.”

For the majority of people, it’s just about getting to where you want to go and that’s usually at a busy intersection or busy intersection with a lot of people.

“People want a good experience on their bus, a good journey to work or to school, to go shopping and to socialise with their friends.”

So it has been a huge benefit for us.

“Bus routes will now be defined by the size of the number of people travelling on them and the amount of time it takes to get there.”

That’s a big change,” Mr Williams said of the rebrand.”

What we have done is have a bus route that is very small, very fast and also very busy so that we have that choice.

“There is a new route, it is the same number of stops, the same amount of bus time, the bus will be very small.”

Mr Hastings said the move to the new route design was a change for the better.

“It’s really good for business and it’s good for the community and it makes it easier for customers to use the service,” he argued.

“Businesses are getting a better bus service, so the bus is a better experience for customers.”

South Australia is the second state to be reclassified after Tasmania, with bus services to and from the city of Perth also being renamed.

Mr Hastings also said South Australia was also to be replaced by a “new regional and state service”.

“The new service will start in 2019 and will take us through the region, to the cities of Adelaide and Perth and to the South Island,” he stated.

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