A new version of the bus tracker app is set to be released in a couple of weeks, with a focus on helping users get around, reports The Washington Post.

The new app, which was first announced on the company’s Facebook page, will let users track their bus schedule on their smartphone, but it will also show riders the time they have left, and their bus station.

The app will also track the distance between buses, and it will let riders know if they can board at their destination.

The update also lets users create a schedule and start a ride, with more than 50 buses and routes available to use, including the Washington Metro system and the Blue Line.

Bus tracker has been around for some time, but the new app will bring it back from its status as a niche app that lets users know where their bus is, how far it is from where they are and how long it is.

The company announced the release of the app in August, promising to bring the app to more platforms.

The latest version will be available on iOS and Android devices.