The Blue Bird Bus has the longest running routes in the country, with four routes serving the metro area.

In addition, there are four daily routes that run from St. Louis to Louisville, Kentucky.

The Bluebird Bus is owned by the Metro Transit Association.

The first bus departs from St Louis on Dec. 15 and runs until Dec. 19.

Metro Transit’s CEO and president, John C. Anderson, says the Bluebird bus will continue to serve the metro region.

“The Bluebird is a great example of a transportation option that has an established service and is safe and efficient,” Anderson said.

“We’re proud of the Blue Bird’s service to Metro, and look forward to seeing more Blue Birds in the coming years.”

Metro Transit also operates the Blue Eagle Bus.

It also serves the metro, but the Blue Eagles’ route from Louisville to Louisville is the longest, with the Blue Birds stopping in at the Kentucky airport in early December.

The route from Kentucky to St. Petersburg also departs in late December.

Bluebirds have been available to use on a limited basis for nearly three years, but Anderson said the bus is now at a point where it’s not feasible to keep using them for the foreseeable future.

The Metro Transit president said the Bluebirds will continue in the future, but he said the route they’re currently running will eventually be phased out.

The Red Bus has also been a reliable bus service for Metro Transit, but it’s been a relatively slow ramping up to service on Metro routes, with only a handful of buses going through every week, Anderson said at the press conference.

Metro buses have become a popular choice for residents who want to use the Metro system, but a number of issues have kept some from riding the bus, including the number of stops, fare requirements and the length of time it takes for the bus to run on the routes.

Anderson said there is a “very good” chance that the Red Bus will be retired before the end of 2021.

The last Red Bus was scheduled to leave on Dec, 16.

The current schedule is to retire the bus by the end.

Metro has said it expects the RedBus service to end in 2020, with one of the bus routes to be moved to a new route.

Metro says it is still reviewing a new Bluebird route that would allow more people to use Metro, but no decisions have been made about when it might be replaced.

Metro also is considering relocating the BlueBird route to the Metro Red Line.

A bus will operate from Louisville and Louisville International Airport to St Louis.

There is no timetable for when the bus will start service in St. Charles, Missouri.

Metro is also looking at moving a Bluebird service from the BlueBus route to a Red Bus service.

It’s not clear whether a RedBus route would be added.

Metro’s president also addressed concerns about the BlueBee bus.

He said Metro Transit is committed to supporting the Blue Bee bus, but there are other options available.

“There is a number that is coming out, a BlueBee Bus that’s currently in the process of being added to the BlueBowl,” Anderson explained.

“They will be coming into service next year.”