A friend’s birthday is just a few weeks away, so you’ve decided to get out of the house and go to the beach for the weekend.

But how would you do that without some fun things to do?

If you were living in a place that has some beaches and beaches of your own, here are the best places in the United States to get your hands on a great pint of beer.

A few weeks before you’re supposed to go out and buy that beach-themed beer, the brewery in your town has a little competition to see who can brew the most delicious and refreshing beer.

If you’ve been drinking beer in New York City, you’ve probably seen it on tap at a few bars, but what if you could hop on a boat and sample a beer from one of the best beer makers in the world?

The Oceanic Brewery is located on the island of Guadalupe and serves up some of the world’s best beers.

You can find Oceanic beers at many of the city’s dive bars, which are the largest and best dive bars in New England, including the Stony Brook, the New England Diving Club, the South End and the New Brighton Dive Bar.

If that’s not enough to make you feel like you should hop on the boat and try their beers, you can always go to The Beach Bar in Portland, Maine, or The Brewery in Portland’s downtown area.

If your favorite dive bar has a great selection of beers, but you’d rather sit at a bar instead of diving, you’re in luck.

If a great beer is what you’re looking for, try the Beach Bar’s beer list.

And while you’re waiting for your next craft beer, head to the local craft beer bar for some fresh food and a good conversation.

If it’s your first time, you might want to try some of these local food trucks.

In addition to a local food truck, there are several other small-scale food trucks that have been around for years and are perfect for a quick bite to eat while you wait for the next brew.

The most popular truck in town is The Tap House, a local beer truck that has been serving up local craft beers and food for almost 10 years.

You can find The Tap, The Brewhouse, The Bruery and The Lazy Dog in downtown Portland.

The Beer Guys, the only small brewery in Portland and the only one in the Portland area, is a great place to try local beer for a few dollars.

Located in the historic downtown district of East Portland, The Beer Guys serves up a selection of some of Portland’s best craft beer and food.

The Beer Guy is just outside of Portland, but if you’re driving downtown, head over to the downtown area of Portland and head into the area known as The Biergarten.

This is where beer is served on a small scale, and you can find the beer you need for a low price.

The Biest, located in downtown Providence, is also a great spot to check out if you want to find out if Portland is a place to visit.

The Brew House, located on South Broadway in downtown Boston, serves up beer for $3.99.

This small-batch brewpub is also where you can sample some of their beers.

They offer a great variety of beers including some seasonal brews, including some of our favorite beers from Oregon.

There’s also a rotating selection of craft beers available that will keep you busy while you await your next brew at The Brew House.

The Brew, located at the intersection of South Broadway and Broadway in Portland is also home to the best craft cocktails in the city.

They are known for their innovative cocktail menu, and the Brew House is the perfect place to check them out.

If there’s one place you should try before you dive in to dive, it’s The Bistro, a small, intimate restaurant and bar in the heart of downtown Portland, that serves up local beers, food and craft cocktails.

The Bistronauts is located right in the center of downtown Providence.

If Portland has you craving something sweet, or you just want to grab a beer or two for your friends, then you might be craving The Bitz.

This spot has been in business for over 20 years and has become a favorite for people looking for a quiet place to get a drink.

This restaurant serves up craft beers as well as some of your favorite cocktails, including their signature Bloody Mary cocktail.

If the location is a little more quiet, try The Biltmore.

The cozy homey location is perfect for your brew day, and there’s a great bar and a great outdoor seating area.

The Brunch Bar is located in the back of The Bitty Bitty, a popular spot in Portland.

The restaurant serves burgers and pizza and has a wide selection of beer for the beer geek in you.

If you are going to a lot of craft beer events, the Beer and Wine