Google’s bus service has been improved by a software update for the Google Bus app.

Bus Simulator 4 is now the first major update to the app since Google acquired the company last month, the company announced today.

Google Bus Simulator includes new functionality for tracking and sharing bus routes with other users and features for scheduling rides from a mobile phone, as well as new features for tracking a route and managing the bus.

It’s also a good time to take a look at how to use Google Bus for free with the Google app.

The Google Bus Service, which launched in 2014, now includes a new map with information about routes, bus stops, fares, routes and fares by city and bus company.

The app has also received updates to make it easier to use, such as a new navigation bar for navigation, as it now allows for quick navigation by city, bus and train.

Users can also share routes and routes with Google Maps and other third-party apps.

Google says it’s adding a new “share” option for all routes in the app that’s available through the Google Maps app.

Google’s bus app has been updated to support Google Maps with new bus routes.

Google also announced new services in the Google Play Store that will let users track their routes with the help of Google Maps, Google Maps Street View and other tools.

Google has also introduced new features in the bus app for easier access to information about bus routes, and to make things easier for users to manage their routes and ride schedules.

Google recently announced it would offer bus travel for free for six months in the U.S. and Canada, and it said it will offer free public transit in the future for residents of the U, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Google announced today that the company will offer more free transit to residents of New Zealand, which has been an important driver of growth for Google.

Google also announced today it will add free public bus travel to users of all other countries in the world, including South Korea, Japan and South Africa.